wharghoul (wharghoul) wrote in horrorsrus,

Completely disappointed

I had the complete displeasure of watching RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE. I liked how it started, I didn't mind the middle section at all, but what the fuck is up with the ending?
If a movie ends badly, I get pissed off because I feel like I wasted my time! Anyone ever feel like that?

At any rate, I have decided to start listing some of the more current movies that are going to be out in the theaters soon.

So here they are:

The Jacket
Release: March 04, 2005

The Ring 2
Release: March 18, 2005

The Eye 10
Release: March 24, 2005

El Intermedio
Release: April 08, 2005

The Amityville Horror Remake
Release: April 15, 2005

House of Wax Remake
Release: June 03, 2005

High Tension (Haute Tension)
Release: June 03, 2005

Release: July 01, 2005

Skeleton Key
Release: July 08, 2005

The Devils Rejects: House of 1000 Corpses 2
Release: July 22, 2005

Night Watch
Release: July 29, 2005

Release: August 05, 2005

The Cave
Theatre Date: August 19, 2005
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