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The Entity

I love movies that have to do with the supernatural, especially Amityville and The Entity since they are both based on actual events. I don't know if anyone has heard of The Entity. So I will go ahead and explain the film a bit. It was made in 1981 and its about this woman who is attacked by something or somoneone unknown. In this movie, they actually show "something or someone" raping this woman. I love the mood out of this movie. I remembering first watching this movie when I was about 12. And it did scary me a bit, because I remember one of my cousins telling me spirits can't touch you or hurt you.

They are doing a remake of The Entity. They didn't really need to, I really don't see the point. The movie is already pretty good. But I am pretty excited anyways to see what they will come up for this movie.

Anyways, for anyone who has seen this movie. There is something that sort of confuses me about who or what is attacking the woman. I have heard over the years its suppose to be her ex husband. But then if you remember the ending, it doesn't really make much sense to me if it is her ex husband. But then I got into reading about the occult and I started reading about the incubus demons. They are those who seek sexual pleasure from women who are asleep and especially to those who are vulnerable. The really clever ones can appear as real people, like a husband.

So after reading about this stuff could the attacker have been her ex husband or just a random incubi??

Any opinions?
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