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Name: Miranda
Age: 19
Location: Depends on the months. South Carolina or Finland.
Malice: Death/Black Metal Clique:
Favorite horror movie:
Serious: Evil Dead trilogy. Hellraiser movies. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Omen.
Funny: Convent. Cradle of Fear. People Under The Stairs.
Favorite Music:
Genres: 80's/black/death/finnish/power metal. Some rave/techno music is also nice.
Bands: Alice Cooper. Black Sabbath. Cannibal Corpse. Carcass. Children of Bodom. Cradle of Filth.
Cuntworm. Dark Funeral. Daughter of Lust. Deicide. Dimmu Borgir. Divinity Destroyed. Emperor. Ground:Xero.
Guns N' Roses. Hecate Enthroned. Hypocrisy. Immortal. Iron Maiden. Judas Priest. King Diamond.
Lacuna Coil. (early) Marilyn Manson. Megadeth. (early) Metallica. Monsters of Japan. Mortician. Mortiis. Motley Crue. Murderdolls. Naglfar. Nightwish. Nine Inch Nails. Old Man's Child. Otep. Ozzy Osbourne. Pink Floyd. Platonic Disease. Quiet Riot. Rammstein. Rob Zombie. Slayer. Theatre of Tragedy. Therion. The 69 eyes. The Birthday Massacre. The Gathering. The Hellblinki Sextet. Type O Negative.
If you were the main villian in a horror movie, what kind of weapon would you use:
That's a hard one, but I guess I would go with a giant pair of scissors or hedgeclippers.
Maybe a meatcleaver or some hooks or something...
How much blood and guts do you like seeing in a horror flick: You can never have too much gore in a movie. The more the better.

What is Peter Jacksons first movie? Haha, 'Bad Taste'.
What is the name of the actor, who played Leatherface? Original: Gunnar Hansen.
Under what name was Lucio Fulci's "The Beyond" originally released in USA? 7 Doors of Death.
What actor appeared in the original and remake of "Dawn Of The Dead"? Tom Savini.
Who directed 1977's Suspiria? Dario Argento.
Who is Max Shreck? Count Orlock in 'Nosferatu'.
What plant's latin name is "Aconitum napellus"? Err Albus? Or Monkshood?
The film Edgar Allan Poe's "The Haunted Palace"(dir. R.Corman), is actually based on what H.P. Lovecraft story? Case of Charles Dexter Ward.
What original "Munsters" actor starred in the film "American Gothic"? Yvonne De Carlo (♥ Lily Munster).
Who directed and produced the first-ever film version of "Frankenstein"? James Whale. "The man who made a Monster!" lol.

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